Private Northern Lights Tour - With Lobster Dinner

Duration: 5-6 Hours

Max Person: 4

Lobster Dinner

A Three-Course Lobster Dinner and Skywatching’s Holy Grail

You’ve seen the Northern Lights (also known as the Aurora Borealis) in pictures. But there’s nothing like experiencing this cinematic phenomenon in person. Let our guides take you on a journey to Iceland’s South Coast, where you’ll be treated to dinner in a seaside village before venturing out in search of the Northern Lights.


Dinner in the Enchanted Village of Stokkseyri

  • Your private guide will pick you up at your hotel or accommodation and take you on a picturesque countryside drive. When you first arrive in Stokkseyri, you’ll breathe the salt-touched sea air and take in the village’s corrugated iron houses overlooking the harbor.
  • As you enjoy a gourmet meal, you’ll experience breathtaking views of towering volcanoes, the vast ocean, and the seemingly endless expanse of hayfields.
  • Stokkseyri is a place that seems almost magical. Visitors often find themselves reluctant to leave. Ask anyone who’s been — Stokkseyri is a place that reaches the soul.


An Unforgettable Night Under the Lights

  • The Northern Lights have dazzled skywatchers and scientists for millennia. These shimmering curtains of green, blue, and purple dance through the sky, creating a light show that mesmerizes like no other.
  • The Northern Lights only become more spectacular when you understand how they form. The process begins when the sun sends energized particles into Earth’s upper atmosphere. The particles travel at speeds of up to 45 million mph (72 million kph).
  • Fortunately, Earth’s magnetic field protects us from this celestial onslaught. It redirects these supercharged particles toward the poles of the planet. As the particles collide with the various gases in the atmosphere, they create tiny flashes of light.
  • Together, these flashes create the Northern Lights at the North Pole and the Southern Lights (or Aurora Australis) at the South Pole.


Book Early to Maximize Your Chances of a Sighting

  • The Northern Lights are a natural phenomenon, so we can’t guarantee that we’ll see them on your tour.
  • Our guides will reschedule with you if the forecast indicates the lights won’t be visible.
  • For that reason, we strongly suggest that you book your tour for your first night in town.