Private Reykjanes Geothermal Tour - With Blue Lagoon

Duration: 8-9 Hours

Max person: 4

Geothermal Lagoon

Multiple Locations

The Private Reykjanes Geothermal Tour tour takes you deep into Reykjanes peninsula. This geologically active region is home to stunning lava fields, geothermal activity, and the world-famous Blue Lagoon. This inspiring and volcanic area is adorned with lava and black sand all around, and has been built on a strong fishing industry.


Your professional guide will take you on an amazing journey to explore the natural beauty of Reykjanes, where you will discover Geothermal Area, lava rock pool, Bridge between Continents and end the journey in the Blue Lagoon.



  • Our first stop is the beautiful is lake Kleifarvatn is that is about 10 km².
  • It is the largest of Reykjanes peninsula and the third largest of southern Iceland.
  • It is about 97 m deep and one of the deepest lakes in Iceland.


Seltún Geothermal Area

  • Seltún geothermal area in Krýsuvík is one of the most striking landscapes in Iceland.
  • Steam dominates the area with volcanic vents, fumaroles, mud pots and boiling hot springs.
  • The green hills are painted in earthy colors of golden brown, red, pink, blue, yellow, white and grey.



  • A small lake Grænavatn, or the Greenlake, is just a few kilometers south of Seltún and really worth visiting.
  • Grænavatn is considered one of the most noteworthy geological phenomena of its kind in Iceland.



  • Krýsuvíkurkirkja served as a parish church until 1910. It was dismantled in 1917 and used as a residence from 1929.
  • However, it was converted back into a church in 1963-64.
  • Krýsuvíkurkirkja was transferred to the National Museum of Iceland for preservation in 1964.


Brimketill lava rock pool

  • Where you can feel the strength of the waves breaking against you and occasionally get drenched with the ocean’s salty spray!
  • The lava has been eroded to form two large pools.
  • It’s not possible to bathe in the pools as the Atlantic is usually very fierce, the crashing waves in the area can leave you a little wet.
  • It’s a magnificent sight to see in windy weather, you can see along the coast for miles on end as the lava meets the ocean, its possible to see seals in the area swimming through the kelps if you are lucky. 


Gunnuhver Hot Springs

  • Where you will visit one of Icelands largest springs, a selection of the best mud pools and fumerols, along with learning the story behind the haunted site of Gunnuhver.
  • This geothermal site is one of the best examples in Iceland, it also has the remains of an early settlement where the folk would use the geothermal energy in in raw form to cook, bathe and keep warm.



  • Reykjanes Light house and the beautiful sea cliffs. In 1878 the original light house Valahnukur was completed and was rebuilt in 1907 due to unstable cliff faces.
  • The cliffs have been formed from the 1800’s lava flows and continue to erode with the power if the ocean.

Bridge Between Continents

  • The bridge spans the dividing plates of North America and Eurasia. Iceland is the only place on the Mid-Atlantic ridge, that rises above the water line where you can touch both continents.
  • You can see the land beneath the bridge dividing from north to south.
  • You will have the chance to walk around and over the site in this incredible geological location.

Blue Lagoon & Blue Lagoon Café

  • We will ensure to conclude the day with a serene and rejuvenating bath in the enigmatic waters.
  • You will get a chance to put on a silica facial mask, and benefit from its healing properties, while enjoying a refreshing drink which you can get at the swim up bar.
  • Selected snacks and refreshments, at the Blue Lagoon Café before heading back to hotel.


Blue Lagoon – Upgrade Package 1 (can be selected during checkout when booking)

  • Blue Lagoon experience to the Premium package which includes the use of a bathrobe, additional face masks of your own choice, and a glass of sparkling wine if dining at the Lava restaurant

Blue Lagoon – Upgrade Package 2 (can be selected during checkout when booking)

  • Upgrade can be done to a Retreat Luxury Spa for a 5 hour exclusive entry to the Retreat Spa Retreat Spa.
  • The Blue Lagoon Retreat Lagoon Private Changing Room.
  • The Blue Lagoon Ritual Skin Care Amenities 
  • A Drink of Your Choice Access to the Spa Restaurant 
  • Access to 8 Subterranean spaces.

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